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The Future of Oil

The Future of Oil was written to respond to a very clear problem: it is difficult to obtain reliable information about the industry anywhere. Many or even most newspaper articles on the topic are ripe with exaggerated portrayals of the industry’s dangers and benefits, and are written by people who know very little about the subject. Even those who work in the industry and who are specialists in their field find it hard to grasp the big picture—whether energy security is a real issue; the impact of oil sands on the global economy; how much water is really used; the effects of water use on the environment; the latest technological developments in recovering land used for tailings ponds; or how the most realistic wells-to-wheels calculations of carbon emissions show that oil sands are far less harmful to the environment than is commonly thought.


If you really want to understand the oil sands business – warts and all

Neil Camarta

…Sanjay Patel has done a remarkable job of maintaining a reasoned

Richard Adamson

Sanjay provides a data- and information-rich look at the crucial, growing

Mike Bushman

Energy, environment and the oil sands are not issues for policy makers

Eddy Isaacs