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“The Future of Oil is a well researched, thoughtful study of the oil sands industry inAlberta. The detail and insight in the writing and research makes this a must read book.”

Garth Roberts, Frontline Leadership Expert and Author

“If you really want to understand the oil sands business – warts and all – look no further. Sanjay Patel has compiled the definitive myth-buster on the industry. All the facts are in here. But, more importantly, Sanjay has tackled the big-ticket issues – like the impact of the oil sands on global warming – head on and without apology. Sanjay rises above all the noise and the hypocrisy to put oil sands into perspective. It’s not a perfect business; far from it. But, Sanjay makes the case that the oil sands industry can lift its game significantly. We can help to meet the world’s growing energy needs – and we can do it cleanly. That’s the bottom-line message in this first class book.”

Neil Camarta

“The Alberta oil sands today stands at the nexus of several prominent and controversial debates. Every day there appear headlines about “dirty oil” or bitumen pipelines. Terms like “dilbit” have moved from the lexicon of industry experts and technology wonks to environmental blogs and the daily paper. In the midst of a storm of outrage and complaint a voice of calm is needed to inject facts and to connect the dots between the issues and the processes, history and technologies involved. Sanjay Patel has done a remarkable job of maintaining a reasoned and balanced approach while bringing the depth of insight that only comes from immersion in the industry. In particular in the areas relating to GHG emissions he does an excellent job of acknowledging the voices and positions of opposing sides without defensiveness. From his opening sentence: “We have known for a long time that our use of oil is irresponsible and unsustainable.” the reader knows this is not a one-sided industry position statement. A welcome contribution to the discussion that anyone who wants to understand what goes on behind the headlines and polemics must read. This book should be required reading for anyone who cares about the energy/environment challenge we face and who values informed dialogue.”

Richard Adamson, Managing Director at Carbon Management Canada – Network Centres of Excellence

“Energy, environment and the oil sands are not issues for policy makers, business people, engineers or environmentalist alone, ordinary people need to understand the pros and cons and to think of the challenges as their own and take ownership of the solutions. Sanjay Patel provides a logical and lucid articulation of the issues that helps the specialist and the amateur alike gain the key knowledge in a superior manner.”

Eddy Isaacs, CEO at Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions

“Sanjay provides a data- and information-rich look at the crucial, growing Canadian Oil Sands industry and its place in the world’s energy future. This is a must-read for anyone interested in fact-based decisions on the oil sands, including policy makers, investors, environmentalists, the media and oil industry professionals interested in the oil sands.”

Mike Bushman, Author and Retired Global Policy and Communications Vice President for Sustainability Service Company Nalco

“In any debate, polarization of opinion and viewpoint is a trait that is all too often followed and espoused. Your balanced and informed opinion must be commended and appreciated. You have taken a complex topic and distilled it down to laymen terms making it understandable and enlightening. I would hope that people on both sides of the “Ethical Oil” vs “Dirty Oil”; the energy vs the environment debate, environmentalist or industrialist, will take the time to understand the overall complexity they each have a stake in solving. More importantly, I would urge anyone, who is seeking an informed approach to these issues to take the time to read this book. It is in OUR best interests for OUR long term survival and way of life.”

Elton Ash, Regional Executive Vice President at RE/MAX of Western Canada (1998), LLC

“Sanjay provides a fact-rich, in-depth look at the Canadian Oil Sands. This book touches on all the sensitive concerns about the Canadian Oil Sands through actuality and truth and can be understood by both, individuals in the industry and those not directly in it, wanting to learn more. A look at our Canadian energy future avant-garde.”

Munaf Samji, CEO & Publisher, The Oil & Gas Magazine